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Why Outsource Purification Can Benefit Both Large Pharma and CRO's

Isolation and purification techniques play a massive role in drug discovery. Being able to strategically control your synthetic route is vital. In recent years both High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) have provided high quality compounds for biological testing cheaply and to time. With shorter turnaround times required, alongside increased throughput and cost restrictions, purification departments are being pushed to the limit. This is no secret for both large Pharma and CRO's.

The question on every manager's lips is "HOW DO WE DEAL WITH THIS???"
Reach Separations is an Outsource Purification Company specialising in chiral and reverse phase chromatography from milligram to multi gram scale. We have four fully automated analytical screens, along with two preparative HPLCs and one SFC prep system.

We are currently the only UK based company to offer a service like this, we are highly customer focused and with a combined total of 40 years pharmaceutical experience we understand the challenges of small scale purification. Whether it is time constraints or limited personnel, Reach Separations can assist.

To support lean principles it is vital for people to spend more time in their core roles. By bringing in support and expertise from outside, the speed and efficiency of your operation can be increased. This can be achieved in a number of ways.

> Allowing scientists to focus on their core roles
> Reducing equipment downtime from labour intensive large scale prep jobs
> No need to convert kit between normal and reverse phase
> No wasted time on instrument resurrection.

> Further benefits of outsourcing can be seen in cost reductions, such as
> Maintenance contracts and call out charges can be avoided
> No need to purchase expensive equipment
> Reduce running costs

All things considered, inclusive of a rapid turnaround time why wouldn't you outsource purification? Lots of companies are already seeing the benefits, and no I can?t tell you who these are!!

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