Why Flexibility and Communication are the key to customer satisfaction. Chiral Screening and Purification.

The definition of flexibility is 'being responsive to change' or 'susceptible to influence,' and communication is 'the exchange of information or news'. For any company but especially an outsource company it is essential to be flexible to meet customer requirements. It is also important to keep the customer updated with the status of their project, and this is why a minimum of 3 points of contact for the customer is important.

 Sample arrival
 Work completion
 Sample or results delivery

N.B any issues with the work will always result in increased communication

A flexible approach is essential for any outsource company. However, in the case of outsource purification, efficient screening protocols to make the best use of resources is vital.

A process that can be easily adapted to meet customer needs is a necessity.

Using chiral chromatography as the example, separations are very difficult to predict from the structure. Therefore it is important to cover as much selectivity space as possible. Here is an example below of the useful toolkits for chiral chromatography.

 Toolbox 1 ? SFC various organic modifiers
 Toolbox 2 ? HPLC Polar organic
 Toolbox 3 ? HPLC Normal phase
 Toolbox 4 ?HPLC Reverse Phase chiral
 Toolbox 5 ? HPLC Normal Phase ? wider array of CSP's
 Toolbox 6 ? HPLC wider array of solvents

For example Company A have SFC screening capability but no HPLC capability or prep capability. Being able to use the screening data to perform the prep, or go straight to HPLC method development brings about a large time saving for both customer and chromatographer. Hence reduce costs.

Being able to adapt and accommodate to almost any scenario presented, makes outsourcing purification a very robust and uncomplicated solution.

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