Identical Systems - Double The Fun

There is always a fine balancing act in any purification business between the amount instrumentation required to do the job and the amount of instrumentation you would like. Having hardware sitting around idle is a cost to the business. Whereas not having enough instrumentation causes increased turnaround time.

The obvious question is, if you are going to increase the amount of equipment what is the best way of doing this? Some people chose to have a wide range of different vendor's equipment to keep them all interested and offering better deals. Other companies stick to a single vendor approach and recieve bulk discounts.

There are advantages to both, however the benefits of having dupilcate systems are that

• if equipment is free then the throughput can be doubled
• cover for instrument downtime
• analysts only need to learn a few versions of software
• decreased cost of holding spare parts
• easier to maintain

At Reach Separations we have duplicated instrumentation in every area. With two analytical SFC systems and two prep SFC’s this enables us to screen 10 samples in a 20 hour period. With dual prep systems, if required the throughput can be increased to 10g a day.
The same applies to our HPLC systems, we have a two identical HPLC prep systems which again enable an increased throughput of up to 10g a day. Along with cover on our analytical systems, this means that at no point have we been unable to analyse or purify any sample.

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