Crossing Borders

Within the scientific community there is always a strong flow of ‘word of mouth’. Throughout the 16 months in business Reach Separations has benefitted from this form of extremely effective marketing. From the comments that have eventually returned to us through our network its clear we have added value in the following areas:

Our expertise has been essential in solving a number of challenges.

Rapid turnaround time.

Coverage of techniques, instrumentation and columns.

All are cornerstones to an effective outsource partnership.
From the feedback we have received or heard of one particular benefit has been of significant value. At times we have completed and returned a purification quicker than the client would have been able to in-house.
As news of our position/offering in the market place has spread, so has our ‘reach’. We now have European clients who expect a high level of service, specifically in turnaround time. So we’ve adapted to the need!
Recently we received a request to purify enantiomers from 500mg of a racemate. The client was based in Germany.

Sample arrived on Tuesday.

Screened and method ready by early Tuesday afternoon.

Purification completed by Tuesday evening.

Dry down, appropriate packaging and collection completed by Wednesday lunch time.

Collected by the courier and air freighted arriving in Germany on Thursday afternoon.

Back in the clients lab on Friday morning.

We have put considerable effort into the efficiency of our turnaround from a logistical point of view. We have taken time to understand the legislation of transporting hazardous materials. We have ensured that we package in accordance to the appropriate regulations. Selecting a suitable courier was well researched.
As well as our science, getting our logistics right has been an essential part of the service that we provide. Striving to keep improving is a major part of our business strategy.

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Final sample manipulation is sped up by our Biotage V10, allowing us to return samples within the same week!…