A Month Goes So Quickly

My summer placement here at Reach separations has now come to a rapid end with the usual flourish of last minute activity to try and get as much done as possible.

I was really dropped in at the deep end in the first couple of weeks working with Alex on a highly complex separation trying to isolated 16 different products from one mixture! To make things harder we were using SFC, a technique I had never even heard of before my placement. After fixing the pumps it all went well and we took a well-deserved trip to the local pub to enjoy a cheese and onion cob (there was so much onion you could still taste it at tea time) and watch a short spell of the final ashes match.

Since then I’ve been looking at achiral SFC and am beginning to build up some exciting data showing how it could be used in the future as an orthogonal technique to HPLC for not just for chiral but also achiral separations.

Having previously been a synthetic chemist industrial placement student at GSK, I found it very interesting to see what actually happens between giving crude sample to a nice purification scientist down the corridor and a clean product being returned a few days later. I feel I have learnt a great deal over the past month from Victoria and Alex and appreciate the time they have given me.

Hopefully I shall still remember what being a purification scientist is still like in a few years' time after completing my PhD so I can try and make their lives easier and remember to filter my samples!
Thanks to all the Reach Separations team for this opportunity,


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Final sample manipulation is sped up by our Biotage V10, allowing us to return samples within the same week!… https://t.co/VOIbXN8vXp