Does Social Media Really Work??

Everyone has heard about it and almost everyone knows how to use it. However the question is, 'Can social media be used to promote a small science based business like Reach Separations?'

Of course, like with every marketing technique, there are pros and cons but with numbers like 10 million LinkedIn users, 10 million Twitter users, and 37 million Facebook users there is a huge potential audience. Realistically however, as a company we have 98 followers on LinkedIn, 63 likes on Facebook and 186 followers on Twitter. Do any of these free platforms actually bring in any business directly?

The situation is quite simple, over the last quarter of the year we intend to offer one free chiral method development and one free EE determination (chiral purity) to all universities in the UK. This will be advertised on the social media sites above and then be followed by an email newsletter part way into the campaign.

The reason universities have been targeted is because they are unlikely to have their own in house capability and often they follow literature methods and therefore we can easily provide them with the data they require in a very quick time frame. Usually 24 hours!

It will be an interesting experiment to undertake and the result will be seen as we progress into winter. They say nothing in life is free but this is. Watch this space!!

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