Improving Communication

As an internal service provider communication with your customers is easy. If they are not in the same lab as you, there is a good chance they are in the same building. A brief stroll and you can have a 2 minute chat about any issues that might have cropped up with the purification of their sample.

Even meetings don't interfere as much with communications in internal arrangements - after all, you are probably at the same meeting as your customer so that oh-so-frustrating 'Sorry, she is in a meeting' response to your urgent phone call about sample stability occurs less frequently.

Which brings me to the point of this blog - what is the best way for effective communication between us and our customers?

Emails are a work-flow friendly way to communicate. The email just sits there waiting for the recipient to choose when to deal with it. Even if you get that familiar tingle in the leg as your smart device buzzes to indicate a new email, it can be ignored until the time suits you. Of course, the downside is that when an urgent email is sent there is no guarantee it will be read or even acted on promptly.

Which means if an instant response is needed a phone call is required however they do break up the working rhythm of both scientists. And don't forget, information exchange is only instant if your call is connected. People have meetings, they work flexible hours and I've even heard it rumoured that some people occasionally have lunch away from their desks!

When it comes to communicating data it has to be an electronic method - but that doesn't necessarily mean email. If you need to send confidential information then email is not good enough. It is inherently flawed from a security point of view and as such needs augmenting.

Entire emails (or just the attached files) can be encrypted, data can be stored in secure document repositories or even via shared laboratory information management systems (LIMS). Reach Separations now offers all these avenues.

Right from our very beginnings we offered a secure document repository powered by ProjectSend but we are now pleased to announce that our secure sample submission and reporting area is up and running and has already processed 50+ samples since its inception in late 2013.

Allowing encrypted submission of sample data by our clients, improved tracking and monitoring of sample movement through our facilities - for both us and our customers, and delivering the results in format of our clients preferred format the samples system is just another example of the flexibility and efficiency that Reach Separations offers.

If you are interested in learning more about our sample submission and tracking system just drop us an email, encrypted or otherwise.

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