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Welcome to the latest Reach Separations newsletter

It's all happening here at Reach Separations - in this newsletter we've got news about our expansion exploits (the third time in just over a year we've had to acquire more lab space), new people and of course, the usual bits and bobs about the team and their exploits out and about.

We hope you enjoy our newsletter - as always, if you want more information on anything you read about feel free to drop us a line or give us a call -

Best regards, Peter Ridgway - Business Development Director (BDD)

We are expanding - new lab

We've run out of space. Again. It wasn't that long ago we moved out of our original laboratory and into a bigger one just across the corridor. And it was shortly after that we realised we needed to keep our original lab as well!

And now it is time to say goodbye to our 2 labs and move all the equipment over into 1 large laboratory in a different building on the Biocity facility here in Nottingham.

Laboratory Panorama

We are expanding - new instrumentation

The extra space has meant we have been able to add another 2 prep HPLC systems to our portfolio of instrumentation - that makes 6 altogether (and we are not finished yet!)
  • Mass directed HPLC - dedicated to achiral work
  • 50mm i.d. capable HPLC - dedicated to achiral work
  • 30mm i.d. capable HPLC - dedicated to larger scale chiral work
  • 2x 30mm i.d. capable HPLC - dedicated to intermediate scale chiral work
  • 30mm i.d. capable HPLC - dedicated to smaller scale chiral work

We are expanding - new people

Due to the continued expansion we have been hiring. We were very pleased to have had Natasha Tsishkevich join us at the start of the year.

Natasha, a graduate of Nottingham Trent University, has a number of hobbies - we can't quite see how knitting soft toys or being a talented oil painter are going to be particularly helpful in her day job - nor can we see a practical use for her fondness for baking, but at least with that skill we get nummy treats to eat at coffee break!

You can learn more about Natasha via her Linkedin page.
Boston Marathon

Back in training

Technical Director, Phil Abbott is back in training and attempting to shift some of those excess Christmas mince pies in a bid to be fighting (or should that be running?) fit for the 118th Boston Marathon.

Phil qualified for the marathon with a Good-For-Age entry based on his time from the 2013 London Marathon - actually he's not any good, he just got very lucky with a milestone birthday that came along at a convenient time!

Best of luck Phil....
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