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Where did the last 6 months go?

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Here at Reach HQ we have found the last 6 months to be a frenzy of work activity. Demand for our services has increased significantly over the 12 months with the lab team continuing to deliver excellence in quality and turnaround.

New team members, Natasha and Dave, are now firmly part of the furniture. The value that both have added to Reach dynamics has been vital to the continued development of the company, supporting and enriching the standards already laid down by Phil, Alex and Toria.

As a BDD, one of my challenges is to put the lab team under pressure with an increased volume of projects. The more projects and greater volume of work that arrives at Reach HQ the more they find a way to efficiently manage the situation....which I am continually reminded of!!

Best regards, Peter Ridgway - Business Development Director (BDD)

Improving infomatics incrementally.

Since the start of 2014 our Laboratory Information Management System has had a secure customer area accessible on the internet for our clients to use. This website has allowed our customers to quickly and easily submit samples to us for analysis or purification, monitor the work progress as samples travel through our process and instantly view final reports and data online.

Since its initial launch lots of work has been carried out improving the system for Reach's own scientists. For example, once a client has submitted a sample for chiral purification the system now starts compiling historical headline information on other samples from that company/chemist/project etc. and presents past successful separation methods.

It may not sound like much, but armed with that information at their finger tips our skilled chemists can make an instant judgement on the order of the conditions to screen a sample against. Couple that with our intelligent screening capabilities that can advance all 3 HPLC screens onto the next sample once any single one of them has found a 'fit for purpose' separation and you have a very efficient system.

The current record is 33 minutes from starting the reverse phase, normal phase, polar organic and SFC screens to starting the purification.

We Start Any Project Immediately!

This is an essential working practice that we are determined to uphold. Working smartly and having continual redundancy in resources is vital to our business operation. This level of customer service we feel adds critical value to the client.

In basic terms, the faster we deliver the pure material back, the quicker the next decision, next milestone or even next project arrives. Overall this, in a small way, brings success and greater competitiveness to our client.....and thus the value of outsourcing is added.

Over the next few months Reach Separations will be exhibiting at the following conferences / Symposia:

Chirality : Prague, Czech Republic, 27-30 July 2014.

EFMC-ISMC 2014, XXIII International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry : Lisbon, Portugal, 7-11 September, 2014.

SFC 2014 : Basel, Switzerland, 8-10 October 2014

If you are in attendance at any of the above please call in to see us and have a chat.

More holiday drama

This time it was the turn of Pete to provide the drama. Having enjoyed a sunny week on the island of Kos, on the final day of his holiday Pete was struck down by Vertigo!

As ever Pete embellished the situation describing the symptoms of Ménière's Disease at every available opportunity, but we know different!

One thing though, with labs on the 5th and 6th floor at BioCity, keeping Pete out of the lab has never been easier!!

Never again

Technical Director Phil travelled out to Boston to compete in his 7th marathon at the 118th running of the Boston Marathon.

Sadly Phil picked up an injury 2 weeks prior to the race on his very last scheduled intensive training session. Despite this he was determined to at least start and claimed he had a 50/50 chance of finishing.

With the aid of elephant numbing quantities of pain killers Phil managed a respectable first 13 miles in just over 1 hour 40 minutes but the injury got the better of him in the last few miles meaning he literally limped across the line in a still respectable 3 hours 46 minutes.

And just like he did after finishing his 6 previous marathons, he claimed 'Never Again'. We'll see.
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