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Reflecting on our marketing efforts in 2012, the team at Reach Separations is off to a great start with a very busy Q1 having experienced clear growth in our first year of trading. Our growth has come from rising volumes of work and an expanding variety of projects from an increasingly diverse client base, including some new clients from the agrochemical sector.

Working with businesses in the agrochemical sector is giving us a good opportunity to understand some of the R&D challenges faced by agrochemical discovery. These include the fact that toxicity is very much more complicated and 'clinical trials' need to occur seasonally; also, preparation of a new discovery needs to be ready for field trials at particular times in the year for northern and southern hemisphere trials. This new focus has challenged the team at Reach Separations and proven our flexible and nimble approach to such projects.

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Driving Productivity, Expanding Capability

Over the last month we have added to the capabilities of Reach Separations. We have been fortunate to procure some new Preparative Chromatography equipment which will help us to increase our resources significantly.

We are now able to run systems in parallel which has given the ability to either work faster or to purify larger amounts of material. This has already led to two large chiral batches being purified. Both batches were in the range of 50g and because of our increased system capability delivery projects were comfortably inside the schedule of the client's requirements.

The increase in our capabilities and resources now enables us to run four or five projects simultaneously and is allowing us to complete purification projects quickly to meet client needs and demand.

One of our Gilson Preparative HPLC systems now has the capability to collect into large vessels rather than individual tubes. By incorporating a high-pressure switching valve into our existing Gilson preparative hardware we now have the capability, due to some innovative method creation, to collect individual enantiomers from multiple 'stacked' injections into 2 large volume collection vessels. This offers significant advantages.

For example, the programmatically controlled valve switches ensure there is no chance of the wrong enantiomer ever being combined with the bulk of the other enantiomer - an issue which exists, due to inevitable human error, when combining a large number of smaller fraction tubes by hand. Equally, the restrictions in production purification are reduced by switching to large volume collection vessels. The use of fraction cubes limits the number of injections per sequence based on the number of tube locations available. By removing this enforced limitation the time a sequence of production injections can operate for is only based on the volumes of mobile phase solvent that are considered safe to have in one location.

Performance in Chiral Purification

One of our key strengths is in Chiral Chromatography. With our column diversity, techniques and instrument manipulation and lean protocols we are able to be thorough and rapid in our determinations to find a method of separation. Our primary toolbox of conditions involves 98 different separation technique/stationary phase/mobile phase connotations. Furthermore, secondary and tertiary screens pushes this up to 132 different experiments.

  • The Normal Phase screen is 10 columns 3 solvent conditions. This takes 12.5 hours.
  • Polar Organic is 6 columns 4 solvent conditions. This takes 10 hours.
  • Reversed Phase is 5 columns 1 solvent condition. This takes 2.5 hours.
  • SFC is 13 columns 3 solvent conditions. This takes 5.2 hours.

To find out more about how we can help you with your chiral purification requirements, contact a member of the team today.
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See the team present at:

  • 25 April 2013: Peter Ridgway will be exhibiting at the 24th Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry in Eastern England at Hatfield
  • Autumn tbc: Phil Abbott will be presenting at the Chiral Chromatography Roadshow, Phenomenex.
  • 3 October 2013: Phil Abbott will be presenting Advances in Chiral Analysis at the Madejski Stadium in Reading.

Marathon Man

Congratulations to Reach Separation's Technical Director Phil Abbott who completed the London Marathon on Sunday in 3 hours, 8 mins and 10 seconds!

Phil is raising money for Rainbows - a hospice in the East Midlands dedicated to meeting the needs of children affected by life-limiting and life-threatening conditions.
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