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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We have been very busy throughout October here at Reach Separations with things tending to revolve around SFC.

We have all been out and about, around the country and over to Europe to increase our knowledge here at Reach Separations and to expand our network of friends who are currently working with SFC. The most notable excursion being SFC2014 held in Switzerland.

Within the laboratory we have evaluated two new preparative SFC systems. Alex Brien will be discussing our findings at the annual UKASF later this month at Lilly. Alongside the preparative kit we are also evaluating a Waters UPC2 for both chiral and achiral use in order to decrease our screening time.

As always, if you want to know more about anything in this newsletter or anything else about Reach for that matter just drop me a line.

Best regards, Peter Ridgway - Business Development Director (BDD)

SFC2014: 8th International Conference on Packed Column SFC

Basel was chosen to host SFC2014 and Alex, Duncan and Peter were all in attendance. There was an excellent programme of lectures, discussion and presentations detailing the very latest in analytical and preparative advances. Posters included; Strategies for increasing throughput for chiral separations by SFC and Improvements in SFC – MS for achiral purification. The meeting certainly gave us a lot to think about.

Alex contributed his thoughts to many a group discussion, however we fear he may be best remembered for his bright pink suitcase!

As well as being a great city to visit, Basel is home to one of the oldest tram systems in Europe – so there was no excuse to be late for lectures!

Evaluating the UPC2

Diki's achiral SFC project is well underway with thanks to Waters for the extended demo of their UPC2 system. The 8 position column oven enables us to keep four chiral and four achiral columns on the system at all times, allowing us to carry out our key chiral screen and use the system for the achiral project without the daily hassle of removing and replacing columns.

Diki and Toria also attended the Waters Mass Spectrometry Symposium in Wilmslow last month giving them a great opportunity to see the new facilities up there.

Planning ahead

Although it seems like Diki has only just joined us we are already thinking about next summer. We are currently looking for a placement student to work with us from Summer 2015 onwards. Applications will be accepted until December 1st. Please see our website for more details.

Team building

Our Company day, or should I say afternoon was this year spent at Nottingham Robin Hood Beer Festival held within the grounds of Nottingham Castle. With over a 1000 beers and ciders on offer the only difficult bit was choosing where to spend our tokens! Our favourite brewery was the 'Dancing Duck'. A great time was had by all and we're already looking forward to next year!

New phone number

Due to changes here at Reach Separations we have a new phone number. Our old numbers will continue to work for a while, but we can now be reached on 0845 5275060

Go Team GB!

We'd like to say thank you to GB swimmer Amber Keegan who popped in to have a look around the lab this week. We hope it helped you with your decisions for further study!
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