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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It's a lovely sight as a proud director watching the Reach Separations senior scientists hurriedly opening boxes of post-Christmas delight this last week.

Inside the boxes are 2 new prep SFC's from Sepiatec and 2 analytical SFC units - the UPC2 from Waters and the Fusion A5 from Agilent.

The lab is in a frenzy of activity with wrapping paper, cardboard and polystyrene everywhere... it should keep Victoria, Alex and Dave busy for the next week - Hopefully, unlike my children, they won't be bored with the new toys by Boxing Day!!

Even though we only moved into our current labs a year ago space is already at a premium. Growth was significant during 2014 and predictions for 2015 are healthy too with a number of high profile pharma groups coming on board to gain the advantages that Reach Separations provides.

Best regards, Peter Ridgway - Business Development Director (BDD)

Where the new SFC Instrumentation adds value.

The recent influx of SFC systems has allowed us to further speed up our already impressive turnaround time for samples.

Two new cutting edge Sepiatec 100s are now our front line preparative systems handling our small to medium scale chiral and achiral SFC separations, leaving the Berger Multigrams free for large scale purifications.
Sepiatec prep 100

Primary screening is carried out in less than 30 minutes on our Waters UPC2. Currently over 75% of our SFC separations are found on this system, allowing samples to move to purification within an hour of arriving in the laboratory.
Waters UPC2 SFC
For the other 25% our secondary chiral screen takes place on an Agilent Aurora, consisting of a further nine chiral stationary phases and a range of solvents. Switching valves allow the entire screen to be automated and controlled from the sequence table.
Agilent Fusion SFC
The introduction of two new chiral instruments has allowed the Waters Method Station to become our achiral screen. The column oven is capable of holding ten different columns. We have been carrying out a lot of work regarding achiral SFC recently and we hope to include a roundup of Diki's achiral project over the next few months.

European Activities

Always keen to increase our European presence we will be taking part in a collaborative roadshow in Copenhagen next month, alongside some of our friends based here at Biocity and further afield.

The UKTI supported event entitled 'The changing face of pharmaceutical discovery and development - a collaborative CRO approach' will take place UK ambassador's residence in Copenhagen on 25th March.

It is hoped that both Danish and Swedish companies will attend the event.

Natasha has been commissioned!

In order to properly celebrate the upcoming 3rd birthday of Reach Separations, Tash has been given the task of sculpting a masterpiece birthday cake to honour the occasion.

In our next newsletter there will be photos of said cake, if the cameraman is quick enough!

MD is back behind the wheel

Since his skiing accident in March 2014 Duncan has had to cope with the frustrations and uncertainties of the rail network to get into Nottingham and Reach HQ.

However he has been given clearance to start driving again which is a massive relief and also a clear indication of the progress that Duncan has made in rehabilitation.
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