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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Stop the press, Reach Separations is expanding, again! On May 1st we took ownership of a second 700 sq ft laboratory next door to our existing facilities at Biocity Nottingham. This is to accommodate both the new instrumentation we have invested in over recent months and the new members of staff that will be with us from the end of this month. You can read more of our expansion stories below but for now, please join me in welcoming Mike Harding and Bryna Harris to the team here at Reach!

As always, if you want to know more about anything in this newsletter or anything else about Reach for that matter just drop me a line

Best regards, Peter Ridgway - Business Development Director (BDD)


The expansion into the new laboratory has allowed a more permanent home for one of the new Sepiatec 100 systems, the Aurora SFC and new achiral and chiral Gilson LC systems to be built. We now have 13 pieces of preparative kit spread across our three laboratories.

We have also made recent additions to our analytical capabilities. A Waters QDa Mass Detector increases our Mass Spec capability and allows us to offer SFC-MS for the first time. This will allow us to look at chiral pooling on the UPC2 speeding up our already very fast SFC chiral screens even further. The QDa will also prove useful when incorporated with the Waters H-Class UHPLC that will be arriving in the laboratory next month.

The upgrade to UHPLC instrumentation will allow for the generation of higher quality data even faster. Fitted with a PDa, QDa and ELSD the UHPLC will become our primary achiral analytical instrument to determine the purity of incoming and outgoing samples, allowing our Agilent LCMS systems to be available for more demanding method development work.
New laboratory

New Starters

Mike Harding and Bryna Harris will be starting at Reach HQ in the next few weeks. Both will join as Separation Scientists increasing scientific capacity in the laboratories.

Mike Harding joins us after spending four years working at AstraZeneca. Mike has considerable experience working in both the purification and analytical labs and he will be returning to working with his original supervisor Alex Brien! Outside if the lab Mike enjoys, running, football (we hear is actually rather good) and eating! His favourite meal "has got to be steak and chips!"

You can contact Mike at
Mike Harding Bryna Harris

Bryna Harris will join us for a year as an industrial placement student from the University of Cardiff where is she is studying chemistry. Away from work and university Bryna is a keen reader and netball player! She also enjoys going to music festivals and her favourite food is Halloumi cheese!

You can contact Bryna at and as always you can get any of the lab team on

Phil is in Geneva

Phil is attending HPLC 2015 in Geneva this week (he's there right now!) He's presenting a poster demonstrating an automated approach to solvent mixing in SFC. If you're there pop and say hello, he can be found at PSA-SFC-03 and this evening at the bar!

Upcoming events

Alex and Victoria will be in Philadelphia next month for SFC 2015. This will be another opportunity to see the automated SFC poster if you missed it in Geneva.

Upcoming Sportive

There are more biking events coming up for two of our Senior Separation Scientists as they take to the pedals for a 75 mile sportive. As if the distance wasn't bad enough they'll be covering most of these miles in the Peak District National Park. Good luck guys!

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