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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I hope you are now fully settled in to the New Year and 2016 has begun well for you. The start of the year has been a busy one here in the laboratory with several new pieces of kit being installed, both analytical and preparative, allowing us to maintain our rapid turnaround as our client base grows.

It is hard to believe that we are already into February, even harder to believe that Reach Separations turns FOUR this month! We've had a few big birthdays here recently; keep reading to find out how we‘ve been celebrating!

As always, if you want to know more about anything in this newsletter or anything else about Reach for that matter just drop me a line.

Best regards, Victoria Coulthard, Early Business Development Manager.

Reach turns 4!

The last four years have seen a fair few changes for Reach. We've expanded rapidly, in terms of space, head count, equipment and capabilities. We now have two laboratories here at Biocity and six laboratory staff, we've come a long way since Alex set up the first lab, which we now affectionately refer to as ‘the cupboard'!

We've installed four new pieces of instrumentation already this year. This sees us increasing our achiral capacity with; another large scale achiral preparative kit, an achiral reverse phase screen and a second column oven containing achiral columns on the UPC2. Our reverse phase screen now allows us to automate a peptide screen, aiding our expansion into the analysis of small peptides.

To celebrate our birthday we've had Google pay us a visit! You can take a look around the whole of Reach HQ here

As you can see our two large laboratories are looking rather full! Our large range of kit allows us to start every job straightaway, making sure samples are back in the hands of the chemist as soon as possible!
30th birthday

Alex turns 30!

As well as Reach's upcoming birthday, 2016 has already brought about two special birthdays for the team.

Alex turned 30 just after the Christmas break, not that he was here to celebrate; Alex spent the day walking on the Fox Glacier as part of a three week holiday exploring New Zealand by campervan!

Tash is 40!

40th birthday

Last week saw Natasha turn 40! She spent the day with her two boys, baking and enjoying a family meal and cocktails! Of course, any excuse for cake in the office...

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