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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We've had a busy few weeks here at Reach. We have been travelling throughout the UK and Europe with visits to Basel and conferences in France and Germany, more about that later.

We have also been busy recruiting and would like to welcome Sarah Rose who joins the team at the start of August. Sarah is a graduate from the University of Leicester and will join Reach as a Separation Scientist. Congratulations to Sarah for graduating this summer with a First Class MChem in Chemistry with Forensic Science.

We have more conferences scheduled and more travelling planned before the end of the year. As always you can find out more by visiting our website or feel free to drop me a line.

Best regards, Victoria Coulthard, Early Business Development Manager.

RICT 2016 in Caen

Peter and Victoria hit the road and travelled down to Caen last month for the 52nd International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry. Visiting clients on the way to the tunnel and whilst driving through northern France.

The meeting itself brought together medicinal chemists from academia and industry from across Europe and beyond, giving our business development team chance to meet chemists from a range of backgrounds. They discussed purification issues and provided delicious macaroons from a local chocolatier!

Making sure to enjoy some French history and culture whilst in town, they took a drive to the coast via Pegasus Bridge and indulged in some delicious Moules-frites! The only mistake they made - why are the pay machines for tolls always on the left of the car, what if you don't have a passenger?

Chirality 2016 in Heidelberg

Victoria went out to Germany, this time by plane to attend Chirality 2016. The mostly academic conference covered stereo selective synthesis as well chromatography and purification. An entire session on day was dedicated to the separation of enantiomers and delegates heard from a range of experienced scientists that progress within enatiomeric chromatography had had a huge impact on drug discovery strategy, that 'today most potentially new chiral drugs are resolved by chromatography.'
Sarah Rose

Meet Sarah

Sarah Rose is Reach Separations' latest recruit and joins the lab team at the start of August. Sarah is a keen cook who enjoys Italian food, especially lasagne and loves all things musicals! She spent her third year of university living in Kansas and loved every minute! Please join us in welcoming Sarah to the team. You can get in touch with Sarah, or any of the lab team here.

This time of year also means it is time to say goodbye to our industrial placement student. We wish Bryna all the best back at Cardiff for her final year.

Prep UK

Peter Ridgway is part of a team organising a prep symposium for separation scientists across the UK, the event aims to promote knowledge and skill sharing within the area. The event will take place at the end of November. You can find out more and register your interest here: (sorry we can only offer this to UK colleagues this year).

The Biocity Network

As well as virtual tenancy and regular visits to the Biohub, we will also be heading to Scotland next month. Catch us in 'The Hubble area' next to the canteen on Tuesday 9th August, we're looking forward to meeting you!
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