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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is hard to believe that autumn is with us again already; this year really is flying past. With the arrival of autumn came Reach's annual team day out, a day of merriment at the Nottingham Beer Festival. Naturally, we have provided the obligatory 'Cheers!' photo.

Of course, it hasn't all been cheers and beers. We've been attending conferences and the lab has taken centre stage over the last few weeks producing data for presentations and publications. Carry on reading to find out how we've sped up both our chiral and achiral screening even further with the use of small micron columns and mass detectors.

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop us a line

Best regards, Victoria Coulthard, Early Business Development Manager.

From 1.7um to 5um - Speedy Screening and Perfect Prep.

The benefits of SFC are well known and Reach certainly isn't shy when it comes to shouting about them. There are even more benefits now there are stationary phases available in 1.7um which allows for even faster screening and a higher quality of data than ever before. Until now we have only been able to use these columns for gathering analytical data. After being selected by Waters to road test some new prep columns, Reach has been able to identify a process that allows effective scaling between the two particle sizes.

We were invited to the Supercritical Fluid and Related Technologies User Meeting in Vienna in early October to present our findings. This is an exciting step forward in the world of achiral SFC, having more stationary phases available at a preparative scale will provide greater orthogonality and therefore improve chances of success. If you're interested in finding out more you can download the slides here.

Not wishing to ignore chiral SFC we have also been looking at how to speed up screening and return results and material to our increasing client base quicker than ever. With the aid of a mass detector on our UPC2, we can achieve results for many compounds in the time it used to take for one.

Training, Training, Training!

The decline in large pharma and rise of CROs hasn't necessarily been a positive thing for young analytical chemists and chromatographers. It is difficult to get much on the job training as targets and deadlines are always in the forefront of minds. With this in mind Reach Separations have become involved in a user meeting for purification scientists. PrepUK aims to become an annual get-together for scientists in the UK whose primary role is purification. The idea is that knowledge, tips and advice can be shared in an informal and most importantly, vendor free environment. We hope that our latest recruit Sarah will also benefit from this as well as it being a fantastic networking opportunity for her. Sarah's training is well underway and you can follow her progress through her regular Linkedin posts.
Beer Festival


Last Friday saw Reach HQ shut down a couple of hours early (don't worry our automated screens were still running!) and the team headed across the city to Nottingham Castle for the CAMRA Nottingham Beer Festival. The annual event is becoming a highlight of the Reach Separations social calendar as our team 'away day'.

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