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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As we move in to autumn we've seen the usual increase in samples hitting the laboratory here at Reach. Summer holiday season is well and truly over and all hands are back in fume hoods in laboratories across Europe and those reaction mixtures need purifying. This time of year is always unsurprisingly busy which is why it is critical that our lab team is up to strength as quickly as possible. To help accelerate this, and to help our new starters feel at home we've brought in external trainers in a continued effort to ensure we are helping to develop chromatographers of the future. Continue reading to meet the team and see how training is going.

As always, if you have any questions or comments drop me a note, Victoria Coulthard, (, Business Development Manager.

Adding quality

Getting new starters up to speed as quickly as possible is critical for any business, particularly at Reach. As we see more samples from a wider range of clients it is particularly important for us to maintain the quality and speed we are known for. It is of course a daunting task for any fresh graduate to come into a working lab and get used to new instrumentation, software, processes and try to pick up a little theory behind what they are doing. We have employed a mixture of external trainers, training packages - including videos! - and training days away from HQ to help build confidence and knowledge.
Training day with consultant

Early training has included an intensive crash course in the QC lab. Each of our graduates has spent a week with a senior scientist in the QC lab, getting to grips with the range of software and learning how the hub of the lab works. All the time communication is maintained by using our especially created Reach mobile app which is used to coordinate all internal requests and results between our purification scientists and their QC analyst. This allows quick and efficient turnaround of internal 'third party' quality check results. This extra set of eyes, continues to be a hit with our clients as much as it has become an integral part of the lab routine.

Welcome to the team

Dan, Ed and Laura have joined us from Oxford, Nottingham and Durham respectively, here they share a little more about themselves:

Ed Hogarth Ed Hogarth :
My name's Ed and I'm a keen cook, particularly when it comes to baking my own bread. I also like to think I know a fair bit about beer so am looking forward to the annual Reach trip to the Nottingham beer festival.

Dan Kibbey Dan Kibbey :
I'm Dan and I grew up in Ellesmere Port before graduating from the University of Oxford with a Masters in Chemistry. Whilst at Oxford I took up both rowing and boxing and even performed at a ball or two.

Laura Martin Laura Martin :
I'm Laura and I'm a Natural Sciences graduate from Durham University. Away from the lab, I enjoy church bell ringing, Salsa and am passionate about the environment.
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