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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome back to the Reach Separations newsletter, we've been away for a while (how is it October already?!) but are looking forward to updating you with our goings on each quarter. You can expect an update on where we've been: this year has seen us attend our first conference on the West Coast of America. Where you're likely to catch us next, and of course, an update from the lab. As the title suggests, this year has seen a huge increase in achiral separations here at Reach, so please keep reading to find out more.

As for 2019 so far, we travelled to California in April, to meet new clients and to attend the Drug Discovery conference in San Diego. We were in Nantes for RICT2019 and Milan for HPLC. We've seen our European and UK client base grow and as such have made plenty of changes here at HQ. We now have a dedicated scientist who resides in our QC lab, ensuring all returned samples are of the highest quality. Daniel Von Emloh is now our official QC analyst, please join us in congratulating Dan on his new role.

As always, if you have any questions or comments drop me a note, Victoria Coulthard, (, Business Development Manager.

Impurity Isolation and Identification - A New Extended Service

Identifying low level impurities is often an essential step of the process on the way from discovery to development. A common route to identification is to isolate the impurities of interest, to obtain a pure sample for analysis by MS-MS and NMR. Impurity isolations have been a key service at Reach for some time. However, until recently the onus of interpretation has been on the client. Reach Separations is now pleased to announce that by working with Xenogesis and NMR Peak, a complete isolation and identification service is now available.

Achiral SFC - A Great Resource

SFC is now a go to technique for the separation of enantiomers and diastereomers but it is also being used more and more in the Reach laboratories for achiral purifications. The ability to screen quickly, stack injections and dry down only from organic solvents aids a fast turn around of samples. The example below showing how quickly 200mg can be processed whilst still achieving high purity (>98% by UV). Whilst reverse phase and normal phase will always have a place in the laboratory, achiral SFC offers a quick alternative in many cases.
Stacked achiral injections

Dan the QC analyst
Dan Von Emloh

Where to catch us next...

If you're keen to have a chat with one of the Reach team, keep an eye out for us at these upcoming events;

Waters Global Purification Meeting - Basel, 14th-16th October
Elrig Drug Discoery 2019 - Liverpool, 5th-6th November
Biopharma Group 'AdVonces in SFC and Evaporative Techniques' - Cambridge, 13th November
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