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In our latest newsletter we focus on the ability of Reach Separations to work with clients across Europe and deliver exceptional levels of service regardless of the distance needed to be travelled. Turnaround time is a key aspect of our business. Our mission is always to perform purification projects and return to our clients as quickly as their in-house resource. So far, we think we are doing pretty well.

I hope you enjoy receiving our newsletters. If you know of anyone who might be interested in receiving news from us, please feel free to forward them our newsletter. As always, we welcome any feedback or comments you may have.

Best regards, Peter Ridgway - Business Development Director (BDD)

Crossing Borders

Within the scientific community there is always a strong flow of 'word of mouth'. Throughout the 16 months in business Reach Separations has benefitted from this form of extremely effective marketing. From the comments that have eventually returned to us through our network it's clear we have added value in the following areas:
  • Our expertise has been essential in solving a number of challenges.
  • Rapid turnaround time.
  • Coverage of techniques, instrumentation and columns.

All are cornerstones to an effective outsource partnership.

From the feedback we have received or heard of one particular benefit has been of significant value. At times we have completed and returned a purification project quicker than the client would have been able to in-house.

As news of our position/offering in the market place has spread, so has our 'reach'. We now have European clients who expect a high level of service, specifically in turnaround time. So we've adapted to the need!

Recently we received a request to purify enantiomers from 7g of a racemate. The client was based in Germany.

  • Sample arrived on Thursday.
  • Screened and method ready by early Thursday afternoon.
  • Purification completed by Monday evening.
  • Dry down, appropriate packaging and collection completed by Tuesday lunch time.
  • Collected by the courier and air freighted arriving in Germany on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Back in the clients lab on Thursday morning.

We have put considerable effort into the efficiency of our turnaround from a logistical point of view. We have taken time to understand the legislation of transporting hazardous materials. We have ensured that we package in accordance to the appropriate regulations. Selecting a suitable courier was well researched.

If you require further information on how we can support your purification needs please get in touch at

Med Chem, Mozzies, and the Midnight Sun

Our BDD recently attended The 6th Anglo-Swedish Medicinal Chemistry Symposium in Sweden. The venue, when eventually found by the taxi driver, was beautiful lakeside hotel/retreat about an hour from Stockholm. The conference was well attended by many leading Pharma and CRO organisations across Europe, Asia and North America.

Being hosted at a remote venue there was plenty of good conversation and networking opportunities as the whole delegation had nowhere to escape to. This was a key factor to a very successful meeting and it was good to be involved in conversations that centred on what had been presented during the day.

Leaving the bar at midnight was slightly disconcerting and rather hazardous. Although the sun was not quite visible there was plenty of light to stagger back to the room in. Dodging the local insect wildlife was also quite important. Mosquitoes in this area of Scandinavia need to have the ability to pierce Moose hide. Thus our BDD was slightly peppered on his return to the UK.....bite count 34!!

Conference Sponsorship

Reach Separations is sponsoring the 17th RSC/SCI Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, 8th - 11th September 2013, Churchill College, Cambridge, UK. For more information please email
3 Peaks

Climbing, rather than resolving, Peaks.

Our Senior Separation Scientists Alex and Toria have recently completed the National three Peaks challenge.

The clock was started early Saturday evening at Nevis, 5.28pm and a gentle climb across the fields in relatively nice (it is Scotland!) weather. We soon reached cloud level and by the time we got to the top and across the snow it was very, very cold and the view was non-existent! A quick stop for flapjack before descending back down the mountain, a slight detour where the path forked, but back down in four and a half hours, very much on track!

The next part of the challenge? A six hour drive out of Scotland to the lakes through the night, dodging deer and drunken Glaswegians along the way! We arrived at Scafell Pike just as it was getting light with everyone in new, dry walking trousers, at least the weather couldn't be as bad here?! Scafell Pike although the lowest of the three mountains, certainly seems the steepest, with no respite until you reach the top, by which time the beautiful views of the lake had definitely disappeared! 

Climbing down, the mist and cloud had settled again and there were tantrums a plenty due to slippery rocks and dented bottoms and pride! At least we were past halfway!  Back into the car and by this time definitely in need of sleep, we could have certainly done without a closed M56, luckily with some quick thinking by Alex (Toria was asleep by this point) and a detour around Manchester we re-joined the motorway and headed into north Wales, and the sun was shining!

The start of Snowdon was taken at a pretty decent pace and our technical director (nice of him to join us!) brought fresh supplies of chocolate! By half way the sun had been replaced once again by wind and cloud! Very different to our practise run a month ago! The final climb through cloud seemed slower than expected, but we were at the top before three o'clock, leaving time for a gentle walk down, gentle it was due to the 60 mile an hour side winds! With 50 minutes left on the clock we only had a ten minute walk to go and a slight smile as the group behind us came running past with only a few minutes to spare!

Twenty three hours, eighteen minutes, three peaks, DONE!
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