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Welcome to Reach Separations

Having been operational for 18 months now we feel it is the perfect time to let you know how our 40 years of experience as purification scientists will assist your operations.

During our first 18 months we have provided purification services mainly to the agrochemical and the pharmaceutical industries. We feel that the professional, flexible and efficient service we having been providing industry would also benefit you, in academia.

In this newsletter I will outline some of the services we can provide to help expedite synthesis and improve the end result.

Best regards, Peter Ridgway - Business Development Director (BDD)

Adding Value to Academia

We specialise in chiral chromatography utilising both HPLC and SFC methods with a wide array of chiral stationary phases in order to obtain highly effective and efficient separations. The use of these orthogonal techniques combined with a comprehensive inventory of stationary phases has allowed us to achieve a 99% success rate to date in over 150 projects.

The data we have gathered shows how important using both techniques are to chiral separations with SFC being responsible for around 40% of our chiral separations.

Pie chart of CSPs used in Reach Separations   Pie chart of techniques used in Reach Separations

These powerful techniques allow us to offer a whole range of analytical and preparative services including:

  • Enantiomeric excess determination
  • Chiral and achiral separations
  • Impurity isolation
  • Ultrapure purification
  • Library purification utilizing mass directed auto prep
  • Consulting (including equipment setup and bespoke coding of chromatography software)

We work on all scales, from a single milligram to at least 100 gramsĀ and offer turnaround on separations in as little as 3 days for an average sample.

For more information on our company and the equipment we possess please visit our website.

17th RSC / SCI Medicinal Chemistry Symposium

17th RSC-SCI Medicinal chemistry symposium

Our 3 directors Peter, Phil and Duncan are dolling up for the 17th RSC/SCI Medicinal Chemistry Symposium in Cambridge next week. Please search them out and have a chat about what services Reach Separations can offer.
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